Yumiko Hashimoto

Born in Kobe city of the Hyogo prefecture, she has lived in Los Angeles since 1997. Works as an editor for a Nikkei Community paper, and also writes articles based on local happenings. When she was in Japan, she had never even heard of the word “Nikkei-jin,” let alone the existence of internment camps during World War II. She is participating in the Discover Nikkei site in hopes that the readers can “keep the existence of Nikkei people close to their hearts and minds.”

Updated October 2008

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40 Families History Project

Local library traces the history of 40 families through a commemorative photo of Japanese immigrants living in Palos Verdes at the beginning of the 20th Century

“Looking at the photo, I wondered who these people were. Who are they? Who are their families? I wondered if we couldn’t piece it all together.”

So thought Marjeanne Blinn, a Palos Verdes Library District librarian, as she looked at a photo of Japanese American families on the wall of the Local History Room where she works.

The caption below the photo—written in Japanese—says “Photo commemorating the inauguration of the agricultural ...

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Preserving The Origins of Sushi – Chef Toshihiko Seki: The “Japanese Flavor” that can only be pursued in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

“Did I struggle in the East Coast? Not at all.”

Toshi-san stands behind the counter, and with a disarming smile asks, “Is there anything that you don’t like?”

Toshi Sushi is located three doors down from the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo. The man behind the counter preparing the sushi is the owner of this establishment, Toshihiko Seki. Known as “Toshi-san” to all of his patrons, he made his move from Connecticut to Los Angeles just three years ago.

“Among the restaurants in the New England area (includes 6 states: Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont ...

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When Japanese people gain American citizenship - Part 2

>> Part 1

“I never really thought of myself as being an American.”

These are the words of Yoshiko Yamaguchi, who instructs a “Citizenship Seminar” at the Pioneer Center in Little Tokyo. She opened up the one and only citizenship seminar for Japanese-speakers in LA County, and has led several “Shin-Issei (New First Generation)” to be born. The words of Yamaguchi-san, who has become an American citizen herself, are echoed by the sentiment of most of these “Nikkei Shin-Issei.” Even while becoming an American national, the heart is still “Japanese”—it stays unchanged.

According to Yamaguchi-san, the merits for gaining citizenship ...

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When Japanese people gain American citizenship - Part 1

A good friend of mine just got her American citizenship. It was a bit surprising that she didn’t have it already, considering how long she’s already been a part of American society; but when I asked, ”Why now?” she explained, “I wanted to make sure I can vote [this year].” As a person who is very conscious of what’s going on in society, she has been dead set on having her voice heard through her vote in the upcoming presidential elections in November.

Let me explain a few things about “citizenship,” for those of you reading this ...

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生活排水の再利用から誕生した サンフェルナンドバレーの日本庭園「水芳園」 - 今後の継続のために、ぜひ訪問を!




「水芳園」がある下水再利用プラントの正式名称は、「Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Center」。ドナルド・ティルマンは ...

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