Keiko Fukuda

Keiko Fukuda was born in Oita, Japan. After graduating from International Christian University, she worked for a publishing company. Fukuda moved to the United States in 1992 where she became the chief editor of a Japanese community magazine. In 2003, Fukuda started working as a freelance writer. She currently writes articles for both Japanese and U.S. magazines with a focus on interviews. Fukuda is the co-author of Nihon ni umarete (“Born in Japan”) published by Hankyu Communications.

Updated February 2008

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Connecting Japan and the United States - Irene Hirano Inouye, U.S.-Japan Council President

“It will be too late if I don’t start now”

Irene Hirano Inouye was the President and CEO of the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) at the time of its founding and served in that role for 20 years. In 2009, she established the U.S. Japan Council (USJC) whose purpose was to strengthen relations between the United States and Japan. Last year marked the 10th anniversary of the USJC. During this milestone, I had the fortune of conducting an in-person interview with Irene in Los Angeles last fall. Prior to doing my research for the interview, I ...

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Power of Our Stories

Yoshiki Nagahama of One Okinawa - Media connecting Okinawan people

Colonia Okinawa

The web magazine One Okinawa opened on October 30, 2019 as “a web media connecting Okinawan people (Uchinanchu) in the world.” (Note: October 30 is World Uchinanchu Day.) The same medium includes an interview with uchinanchu in Hawaii and a report of the fire that burned down Shuri Castle. The founder, Yoshiki Nagahama, is a former newspaper reporter of the Ryuku Shimpo and lives in Okinawa.

“I had the idea of launching this web magazine for several years. I found an airline ticket from Kansai to Hawaii around the end of April 2019 about 10,000 yen so ...

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Eden Kai, a musician and actor who was featured in Terrace House

A high school student in Hawaii who speaks Japanese beautifully

I started watching Terrace House at the recommendation of my daughter, who is a high school student. It is a reality TV program that tracks romance, conflict, and the pursuit of dreams as young men and women live together in the same house. The opening narration declares that “There is no script.” The real lives of six men and women resonate with viewers, and since 2017 the show has been available for viewing worldwide through Netflix. Terrace House has several series in places like Tokyo and Karuizawa, but I myself ...

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Music to connect the Nikkei Community—Yuko Nakasone

The Pure Nikkei Society

There is a music event where Nikkei musicians deal with the concept, “Enrich the world with Latin and Okinawan fusion”, and it is called Okinawa Latina. The founder is the lead vocalist of the Latin rock band Diamantes, who is also a Sansei (third generation) Japanese Peruvian, Alberto Shiroma. We asked Yuko Nakasone, who has been the producer of Okinawa Latina since 2016, about the event’s history and her relationship with the Nikkei society.

Yuko received the opportunity to join Okinawa Latina when she was asked to prepare a proposal by Alberto in 2015, when ...

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Peace Activist Passes Away at 90 – Remembering the Energetic Kaz Suyeishi

Call Me Grandma

Kaz Suyeishi would start off her talks on peace by calling out to her audience, “Please call me grandma.” Often in conversations about the atomic bomb, a sense of antagonism emerges between those who dropped the bomb — the United States — and those who suffered the attack — Japan. Those speaking for Japan may charge the United States with taking tens of thousands of innocent, civilian lives, which those speaking for America may try to justify by arguing that the bomb helped end the war. But whenever Suyeishi, herself a hibakusha, warmly asked her audience to call her grandma ...

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