Jenn Fujikawa

Jenn Fujikawa is a blogger and designer. On her website her unique family dinners and geeky baking have been featured on Star, LA Weekly online, LA Times online, Buzzfeed, and most recently on the cover of Food Network Magazine. You can follow her on twitter @justjenn.

Updated August 2013 

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King's Hawaiian

When I was a kid I remember sitting in the back of my Grandpa’s old Datsun, I could barely see out the window but I knew whenever we were on Western Avenue because I could smell the fresh bread being baked at the King’s Hawaiian factory.

Growing up, every week my mom would buy the round loaf of sweet bread that came in the orange bag. We’d take a big knife and cut off chunks for breakfast in the morning. It was so puffy and sweet, I always wondered how the bread was made and what went ...

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