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Roy Fuentes is the author of “Fresh Leaves, Pale Fruit,” a blog teaching the language and culture of Japan (Koiyuki at He enjoys writing, drawing, exploring & getting his Dance Dance Revolution on. You can follow him on Twitter @Koiyuki.

Updated October 2011

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Lingua Franca: The Bonds Created by a Shared Language

Imagine this scenario: an English speaker and a Japanese speaker are barely able to say things like “Yo, how’s it hanging?” “Man, I feeling real salty right now” and “How can this be smoky and gamey?” to each other, yet they’ve been life long friends and have been chatting it up for years and years. For many, the immediate thought may be “How the heck does that work?” One idea among those out there is through a common language developed using elements of each one, otherwise known as a lingua franca.

Yes, inventing a whole new way of ...

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