Silvio Franceschinelli

Silvio Franceschinelli is in charge of the cultural activities of the Japanese association Ochacaffè, which works mainly in Italy, Switzerland, France and Japan. Mr Franceschinelli lived in Japan for some years, and goes back frequently to meet Japanese artists and sponsors to invite them to Italy. He has a great passion for all cultures, specially Asian ones; he works for Italian TV and radio station presenting Japanese artists.

Updated July 2013

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K-ble Jungle (K-ブル ジャングル)

The K-ble Jungle is a new band in the J-Pop and J-Rock music panorama. Although this name may sound new to Japan music lovers, this group is formed by two artists who have come a long way on the European stages of the Japan-themed festivals. We are talking about the Japanese singer ERIKO and the Italian DJ Shiru.

The two artists started the K-ble Jungle project in 2012, but they had met in 2011 thanks to Ochacaffè, a cultural association of friendship between Italy and Japan. The main aim of the association is to let Italian people know more about ...

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