Nina Kahori Fallenbaum

Nina Kahori Fallenbaum is a mixed-generation Nikkei born and raised in Berkeley, California. A graduate of UC Berkeley and Meiji Gakuin University, she has contributed to Civil Eats, Nikkei Heritage, and Nichi Bei Times.

Updated July 2009

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Nikkei Heritage


A quiet revolution is underway, led by young Japanese-American visionaries who are redefining urban fashion on their terms. Their mediums are varied, and their approaches multi-hued, but collectively they represent a new brand of creativity and entrepreneurship that would make their Issei ancestors proud. They are Nikkei fashion designers who have chosen the medium of textile architecture to express themselves and their dreams.

You might not know that the Asian American T-shirt underground was launched from a single-car garage in suburban Gardena, California, but college students nationwide do. Ryan Suda, aka “the Godfather of T-shirts,” started his Blacklava clothing line ...

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