Ben Ebihara

Ben Ebihara is a retiree at the age of 87. He was born in Clovis, New Mexico. He was interned when he was 13 along with his parents and family in the Topaz concentration camp. He served in the Korean Campaign in 1952 and went to Ohio State University financed by the G.I. Bill. Ben was employed as an engineer with NASA-GRC throughout his working career, and retired in 2015.

Updated January 2016

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Lest We Forget That Innocents Suffer

When empathetic feelings turn to sympathy for the victims, it also brings about fear, anger, and hatred to the perpetrators of the evil—as well as to those who did not commit the violent act, just for having a common culture, religion, and/or racial characteristics as the perpetrators.

This kind of thing happened to us 73 years ago. Most of he Japanese living in this country were rounded up, removed from our homes, and confined in ten large internment camps. More than two thirds of the internees were Americans of Japanese descent. We were deprived of our rights and ...

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