Delia Tomino Nakayama

Delia Tomino Nakayama is a poet, singer/songwriter, painter, teacher and community arts organizer. Originally from the Bay Area, Delia moved to New Orleans in 2003. She wrote "Tomi-Talk" for Hokubei Mainichi News (of San Francisco) for 10 years and is delighted to write again for the Nikkei community! :) Comments and inquiries may be sent to

(Updated March 2013)

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TOMI-TALK: The Character of the Nisei Soldier

My name is Delia Tomino Nakayama and I wrote the English column “Tomi-Talk” for San Francisco Japantown’s Hokubei Mainichi newspaper for approximately 10 years until it concluded its 61 years of service in October of 2009.

I was born in Venice Beach, grew up in the Bay Area and moved to New Orleans in 2003, just a few years before the city sustained tragic and profound changes due to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and its aftermath.

As a Hapa Yonsei, I write from the perspective of an artist and a citizen of the world. I hope that my words ...

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