Ewan Craig

Ewan Craig is a Canadian Yonsei. Ewan graduated from Laurentian University with a geography degree, French/English bilingual certificate and a minor in Spanish. He is currently working as an assistant English teacher in Aurillac, France, and works in the summer as a forest firefighter in Canada. His work in British Columbia has taken him to many places in the province that were once Japanese Canadian internment camps.

Updated March 2019

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Japanese Canadian Participation in World War I and World War II


To prove their loyalty to Canada, two generations of Nikkei fought in the World Wars to gain rights for their community. The first generation, the Issei, served in World War I. The second generation, the Nisei, served in World War II, as well as the Korean and Vietnam Wars. This article focuses on Canadian Nikkei participation in the two World Wars.

Asian Immigration to Canada

The first known Japanese immigrants arrived in 1877. Almost all Japanese immigrants settled in British Columbia (B.C.), working as fishermen, loggers and labourers in sawmills. British Columbia had a landscape similar to Japan ...

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