Elleanor Chin

Elleanor Chin is a lawyer, litigation consultant and writer. She writes about art, family and culture at www.ragecreationjoy.wordpress.com and about Oregon politics at www.blueoregon.com. She lives in Portland Oregon with her family and when not preoccupied with the infamous work/family balance enjoys growing kale and braiding rag rugs.

Updated February 2015

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When you opened the wood embellished glass door of Hiroshi’s Anzen grocery store, you could smell fish. Fermented fish, salted or dried fish products, and decades of fresh fish sold off of ice, leaving tiny pieces of their guts and scales in the drains and stuck to out of the way places on the floor. Inside you got the silage whiff of pickles, a taste of dust mixed with incense, and the particular scent of cardboard imported from Asia. My 8-year-old was revolted by the smell and insisted on waiting in the car. It’s not quite the smell ...

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