Haruka Chiba

Haruka Chiba is a Nisei born in Toronto, ON only four months after her parents and older sister immigrated from Japan. She has been practicing kyudo with Seikyu Kai at the Japanese Canadian Culture Centre since November 2008.

Updated March 2012

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Kyudo Takes Root at Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

When Mie Takahashi arrived in Toronto in July 2007 to study English, the 5th dan kyudoka searched for a place in the city to continue practicing kyudo.  She eventually contacted the Kyudo Association of Canada (KAC), based in Vancouver, B.C., and they put her in contact with a woman in Toronto who was interested in learning kyudo.  This was the beginning of a chain of events that brought kyudo to the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC).

Two packed kyudo workshops led by Mie Takahashi at the JCCC in the summer of 2008 demonstrated that there was a demand for ...

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