“Vicky” Yuriko Barrow

“Vicky” Yuriko Barrow (nee Obayashi) was born and raised in Vancouver before the evacuation of Japanese Canadians off the west coast of British Columbia. She graduated high school at Notre Dame in New Denver, B.C. under the dedicated teachers of the Sister of Notre Dame de Anges. Vicky was given her English name, Victoria, by Sister St. Raphael during internment.

Vicky had aspired to become a professional actress, and was a talented actor and dancer from a young age. She often danced for various celebrations including the 60th Anniversary and homecoming of the Japanese Canadian internment at the Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre in New Denver. She had an exceptional gift to make people laugh, and cared deeply for the downtrodden and less fortunate. She loved life, and adored each person in her life. Vicky passed away in 2005.

Updated September 2017

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Yuriko Obayashi Barrow: A Life History

Editor's Note: “Vicky” Yuriko Barrow (nee Obayashi) wrote this life history at age 69. Vicky passed away on June 25, 2005 at the age of 74. It was submitted to Nikkei Images by Hollis Ho, daughter of Vicky Barrow. Hollis has added names for clarity, and made two brief additions of facts shared with her by her mother that are relevant to the story.

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My father, Fusajiro Obayashi, immigrated from Shika-ken, Japan to Canada in 1906. He managed to find employment at the Rat Portege Sawmill. After five years of long, hard labour, he saved enough money to go ...

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