Aline Barros

Aline Barros is an immigration reporter for Voice of America’s (VOA) News Center in Washington, D.C. Originally from Brazil, Aline holds a broadcast journalism degree from University of Maryland. She writes about American immigration policy as it relates to DREAMers, asylum cases, international deportations and the immigration courts. She worked for the Gazette Newspapers and Channel 21 Montgomery Community Media. She has been published by the Washington Post, G1 Portal Brazilian News, and Fox News Latino. @AlineBarros2

Updated May 2018

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Census Proposal Recalls Old Abuses

Mas Yamashita does not remember the moment he and his family left the small apartment or “barn as it was called at the time” where they lived in Oakland, California.

But he vividly recalls where they went: the Tanforan detention facility in San Bruno, California. During World War II, thousands of Japanese-Americans were held in confinement there, while a more permanent internment camp was constructed.

“Really, my childhood memories began in the camp,” Yamashita says. He was 6 years old at the time and is now 82.

He could not understand why U.S. officials “covered up the [train] windows ...

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