Margaret Bacon

Margaret Bacon is a writer of Okinawan and Anglo descent. Being only half Okinawan, she may not live to 100, but she will continue to enjoy andagi until she kicks. She writes from her home in San Francisco while trying to aquire a taste for mugwort tea.

Updated Winter 2009

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Nikkei Heritage

Something Mixed, Chanpuru and Other Okinawan Delights

In 2001 a team of internationally renowned experts released The Okinawa Program, How The World’s Longest-Lived People Achieve Everlasting Health – And How You Can Too. The book, based on a 25-year study, was quickly snatched up as the new fountain of youth (or at least key to longevity) only to be realized as yet another common sense approach to healthy eating and living. Okinawa might be a tropical island, but it’s hardly considered glamorous.

The traditional Okinawan diet consists largely of soy, local vegetables, seaweed, rice, noodles, tea, fish and surprisingly, pork. The Okinawan Program, however doesn’t ...

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