Yoshihito Yonezawa

(b. 1930) Nanka Miyagi Kenjinkai President

Decided to Come to America Because Uncle Invited Him (Japanese) Preparations for Coming to America (Japanese) Agricultural Livelihood after Coming to the U.S. (Japanese) Encounter with Miyagi Prefecture Kenjinkai (Japanese) Supporting His Family (Japanese) Activities of Miyagi Prefecture Kenjinkai (Japanese) Big Dream (Japanese) Grandchild That Is Interested in Japan (Japanese)

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Mr. Yoshihito Yonezawa was born in 1930 in Nakaniidamachi, Miyagi Prefecture. After graduating from school in Japan, he learned agricultural technology at an agricultural testing facility and became an agricultural technician for the prefecture. Because of this background, his uncle who was a farmer in the United States, asked him to help his business. In July 1956, Mr. Yonezawa immigrated to the United States.

For the first 2 years, Mr. Yonezawa cultivated vegetables and fruits at his uncle’s farm in Imperial Valley, California. Around this time, his uncle starts taking Mr. Yonezawa to Miyagi Kenjinkai activities. Afterwards, his uncle suggested him move to Los Angeles to study English. While going to school, Mr. Yonezawa experienced various jobs to sustain his living. Finally, Mr. Yonezawa landed a job with UPS (United Parcel Service) and until his retirement in 1992, worked for the company for 32 years.

After retiring, Mr. Yonezawa became the president of the Miyagi Kenjinkai. Currently, he continues his duties as president and is active in his role. (February 2009)

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