JASC's All-Camps Reunion 2

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Jul 201131

CHICAGO, Illinois
United States

Where were you in 1942?  Perhaps you were too young to know.  Perhaps you weren't even born yet.  But some of your relatives, friends, and neighbors remember how they were forced to leave their homes and lives on the West Coast because they looked like the enemy.  They faced an uncertain future, isolated in desolate areas of the country . . . and they overcame.
On Sunday, July 31, the Japanese American Service Committee will celebrate the resilience and spirit of those who experienced life in the War Relocation Authority's "internment camps."  Our special guest will be Rocky Matayoshi, who was recently awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his extraordinary acts of heroism in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team during World War II.
Whether or not you're a Nikkei of any generation; whether you're a student of history; or whether you've lived through history, you are invited to the JASC's Second All-Camps Reunion on Sunday, July 31, at 1 pm to learn more about this unprecedented American event and how it affected those who lived through it.  The event fee of $20.00 per person ($15.00 for JASC members) includes lunch.
For further information, or to place your reservation, call Karen at 773.275.0097, ext. 222, or e-mail her.


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